My education in BBA was what infused me with the idea of taking up a business right after my college. It was a decision that I took with huge enthusiasm and I was adamant that I was going to make it.
With confidence in my education and believe in my passion to start a new business I embarked on a journey in the field of sports that is rarely thought of as a way for earning a living in Bhutan.
I started organizing a futsal tournament (Gylsel futsal league) as a first step to setting up my business which to my surprise went very well the very first time.  Though it  was a huge boost for me to start a company I was challenged in finding  a team with the same level of energy and dedication.
Initially not many people were supportive of the idea and not many people wanted to join the team. Despite the challenge of having a team I started to venture into corporate events which lifted my company and helped me build a good team. With the vibrant team I had, we were planning big events with international sporting organizations which to us was a huge accomplishment.
However, like everyone else we were also impacted by the pandemic. We had to withhold and reschedule our plans. Now that the world is reopening we are also gearing up in getting back to our track. We are rejuvenated then ever before to create and capture customer value along the way and provide the best service possible.
There are a few lessons I have learned along the way that I would like to share.
1. The team is what determines the success of the company. It is important that you build a strong and dynamic team for the success of a company. I am lucky that I have a vibrant and energetic team concerned in accomplishing the set task.
2. Another important lesson that I have learned is the importance of having strength and courage to face setbacks. In the initial phase of your journey it is certain that you will fail and fall but regardless of how many times you fall it is important to get right back to the track of where you want to be.