About Us

Where do you go if you have an entrepreneurial idea that might radically change the world for the better?

Impact Hub Thimphu is dedicated to contributing to the development of Bhutan as a knowledge-based society. We believe that nurturing innovation and start-ups is crucial to achieving sustainable economic growth and creating employment opportunities.

Through Our Strong Ecosystem Of Support For Social Entrepreneurship, We Aim To Empower Individuals And Organizations To Create Positive Social And Environmental Impact While Driving Economic Growth. 

By fostering a culture of innovation, we seek to build a community of changemakers who are actively driving positive change and contributing to the overall development of Bhutan as a knowledge-based society.

Our Approach

At Impact Hub Thimphu, we strive to inspire, connect, and empower a diverse community of changemakers, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Through mentorship, thought-provoking talks, hands-on learning opportunities, and vibrant community conversations, we provide meaningful content to support our members in creating positive change. We aim to create inclusive and equitable spaces where everyone feels a sense of belonging and can actively champion each other. We believe in fostering collaborative relationships among stakeholders to build a strong ecosystem where people can work together across industries, cultures, identities, geographies, and generations. Join us and be a part of a thriving community that is dedicated to making a difference in the world.

Our Values


We connect entrepreneurs to companies, investors and the public sector to promote inclusive and green innovation on a local, regional and global scale.


We support entrepreneurs from the ideation to the scaling phase and provide access to knowledge, markets and capital.


We raise awareness and inspire changemakers to tackle urgent social and environmental issues through entrepreneurial action.

Get To Know Us Better

Tashi Wangdi

I am a community builder, changemaker cheerleader, and program designer. 

I strongly believe in the power of impact entrepreneurship and innovation to shape new (stakeholder-driven) economic models for our society. 

Yeshi Samdrup
Co Founder

I am glad to be part of this amazing and inspiring team. My role at iHub Bhutan is to make sure you get the updated information about eco start-up system and opportunities in Bhutan. 

Kezang Tenzin
Assistant Adm. Officer

I believe in the power of the positive imagination to create, solve and change. Having been inspired by the concept of social enterprise and entrepreneurship during my short term internship and working in youth empowerment and peacebuilding programs for the past 3 years, I am now on another exciting journey working with and support entrepreneurs to make a positive impact and change through our impactful programs.


I first started with iHub Bhutan a couple years ago as a Finance Manager. Most of the time I’m playing with numbers, which I believe some people may say is so boring and complicated. As I have been involved more and more in this area, I would rather argue this. 

Thinley Gyeltshen
Head of IT

I love to be apart of meaningful and positive actions, and I believe that social entrepreneurship plays a crucial part in this. That is why I am here with my amazing team doing our parts.

Karma Tshulthrim

I have a different role compared to all the team members. My job is to serve the community with delicious meals so that can focus & give more time in building great solutions. 

Tshering Penjor Wangchuk
ICT Assistant

I am a more like Communication Officer of iHub Bhutan, people are able to find me more through IHPP Social Media content, to make sure everyone receives stay up to date information, converting your message into visualization.

web designer

I’m inspired by the idea of how we all can make this world a better place if we all choose to do good deeds little by little. As a youth, my core value is to try my best to contribute to making this world a better place to live in. Thus, every idea that’s relevant to the sustainability of our ecosystem or social issues always hooks me.

Jamyang loday
Account Officer

I’m currently a Account Officer at iHub Bhutan. I view myself as a friendly and enthusiastic person who genuinely wants to keep developing the necessary skills and qualities for a successful career and future. Ever since I was young, I’ve always been fascinated with numbers. I found the process of analyzing numbers, problem-solving, and working with people to be exciting.

Kuenzang Nima
Head of Volunteer

He is a youth leader with a proven track record in the fields of education and skills development. Currently, he is working with iHub Bhutan to support youth to take action for a sustainable and innovative Bhutan by developing their entrepreneurial mindset, so they become fearless and dare to challenge themselves to follow their dreams.

Sonam Yangchen
Program Officer

I am a part of IH Program Team, I love to set up the project plan, and I am so happy to see people learn and grow from the program. Here at Impact Hub, I have met many inspiring people, entrepreneurs, and changemakers who are dedicated and committed to bringing a positive impact across Bhutan.

Dorji Drado
Head of Volunteer

Hello! My name is Dorji, and I am currently a community lead at Impact Hub Bhutan. 

My involvement in Impact Hub started from getting inspired by what IH has been contributing. Then I first joined this incredible yet supportive team as a communications and event intern in 2020.

Ngawang Nima
UI/UX and Program Officer

I’m an aspiring lifelong learner & social project supporter. An introvert who loves lengthy thought-provoking deep talk. I started volunteering in development projects when I was 18 years old. 

Sharda Ghalley
Assistant Manager

I play a crucial role in supporting the daily operations of the co-working space, assisting with planning, coordination, and execution of events and programming, and ensuring a welcoming and productive environment for members.

Sangay Lhazom
UAssistant Marketing Officer

As an introvert, I thrive in deep, thought-provoking conversations that linger in the mind long after they’ve ended. I’m the person who loves to explore the profound depths of ideas, finding inspiration in the intricate web of thoughts and concepts.

Meet Our Mentors

Sangay Thinley
Institute of Happiness

Karma Yonten
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Rikesh Gurung
Founder & Managing Director
Green Road.

Sangay Tshering
Mananging Partner

Hari Prasad Kafely
Chief Operation Officer